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Grace sometimes touches life in such a way that one’s whole being is set on fire in such a powerful way that one becomes filled with a confidence and urge to throw one’s whole existence into the abyss of the Self.
You may find yourself saying, ‘Remove everything. Save nothing. Remove every falsehood from my being.’
Then everything is thrown aside, including one’s self, the ‘thrower’. Unexpectedly, one finds a sense of great unburdening, a completeness, peace and quiet joy within one’s heart. Now there remains an effortless silence and stillness. And it’s not that there remains an ‘I’ that received this. There is nobody to receive.
Inside one’s being, one quietly knows: ‘I am neither a “receiver” nor a “giver”. I am no one.’ And yet, one finds oneself saying, ‘Thank you, Beloved.’

~ Mooji
10th of September, 2014

As you can walk…

As you can walk through
a busy marketplace
and not touch or speak
to a single person,
in the same way
you can move through
this mind-field and yet
not get entangled
with any thought activity.
Such a one moves without trace
and is called a Buddha.

To be free from false identity…



To be free from false identity and the hypnosis of conditioning is the biggest smile and joy you are going to feel in your life.

~ Mooji

11th of April, 2013

What makes my soul smile?

What makes my soul smile?
Nothing outside of myself is required to make it smile.
Smiling just happens.
It smiles from inside its own Self.
I don’t know, where I can be without this smile, you know?
One could say it is smiling all the time.
It is a natural sense of joy within ones own Being.
And I feel this is the natural state of all beings.
Inwardly, if human beings are not troubled by the mind, or the sense of identity, they are happy inside the Self as the Self itself.
I cannot create this joy in you.
I can only remind you, it is here and help by guiding your mind and attention back to That.

~ Mooji

9th of April, 2013



Stay Put

“You are here. You are not the one who will go and come. Let what you’re suffering from go and come, not you. You stay put.”


~ Mooji ॐBeloved Master486108_431628226916010_550123888_n


In the beingness itself there is no anxiety or waiting.
No waiting, no anticipating, no next.
Recognize the Self that is not on the way to becoming another state.
It is stateless. It simply Is.
It is not the thinking mind.
Recognize the difference between thought and Self.
Thought is more like the wind that moves about,
but Self is like space which is present everywhere and doesn’t move about.
Space has no opinion about thought.
Thoughts cannot crash into space for space is formless.
Recognise, acknowledge and be one with the space which Is.
This is natural for you.
It doesn’t matter what the mind says about that.
It may say: ‘There is no value in simply being.
There is only value in becoming’.
And by accepting this, it will rob you of your inherent peace and silence.
To be the Self is not a state of laziness.
It is to be in natural harmony.
Keep the attention here in the silence of being.
And at the same time you can notice that your activities don’t suffer from your attention being in being.
The invitation here is to go completely through the forest of mind into the pure recognition of what is timeless and perfect.
This is completely possible here.
Don’t be afraid.
Whenever a human being has done this, however long ago that is, the rest of the world cannot forget them.
The impact of their presence brings light to uncountable beings.
That presence, I am speaking about is your own true Self.
Nobody is more close to it to another,
or too far from it.
These are mere ideas.
Wake up to what you can never not be.
Seize your chance.

~ Mooji

5th of April, 2013


We Are IT

Because we think we are something, we imagine there must be something operating all this Universe.
What IS is pure intelligence, awareness Being.
It may also be called God, Self or pure Consciousness.
It is not a thing.
We think we are a ‘thing’, an object or ego and therefore It must also be a ‘thing’. Actually ‘we’ are ‘IT’, but we haven’t realised this yet. We imagine that behind all actions there is an actual separate ‘doer’ doing something.
When you discover your formless Self, everything is observed to be simply unfolding spontaneously as one whole functioning.

~ Mooji

1st of April, 2013


“Be open to being nothing. No thing. So that internally you are simply like a space. But this is not an inert space, but a space full of aliveness. Still don’t define yourself as aliveness. Don’t define yourself at all.Simply remain in natural self – attention.” ~ Mooji ॐBeloved Master

Mooji's Quotes

I don’t want to teach anybody anything.
With regards to Truth, I don’t believe in teaching anything too much.
Learning may happen spontaneously, but it is not our intention.
I only point out that thing which is missed time and again due to paying too much attention to the mind play.
Can you teach Truth?
No. I don’t think so. One may only discover or recognize it.
Some teaching is necessary up to a certain stage and for some time, but I stress that pointing out rather than learning is more direct for the advanced stage of seeking as the immutable Truth is already here.
Often it is the mind itself that wants to keep learning and learning and learning. However, this obsession with learning can be a kind of avoidance to discovering what is true, immediate and obvious.
Once Truth is recognized, it remains only to deepen the attention there. Avoid knocking from door to door for the old snake of ego still has a few tricks left up its sleeve and doubt is one of its favorite tricks.
Once recognized, hold onto and be one with awareness.

~ Mooji

Rishikesh, India, 20th of March 2013