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Grace sometimes touches life in such a way that one’s whole being is set on fire in such a powerful way that one becomes filled with a confidence and urge to throw one’s whole existence into the abyss of the Self.
You may find yourself saying, ‘Remove everything. Save nothing. Remove every falsehood from my being.’
Then everything is thrown aside, including one’s self, the ‘thrower’. Unexpectedly, one finds a sense of great unburdening, a completeness, peace and quiet joy within one’s heart. Now there remains an effortless silence and stillness. And it’s not that there remains an ‘I’ that received this. There is nobody to receive.
Inside one’s being, one quietly knows: ‘I am neither a “receiver” nor a “giver”. I am no one.’ And yet, one finds oneself saying, ‘Thank you, Beloved.’

~ Mooji
10th of September, 2014



Mooji's Quotes

I don’t want to teach anybody anything.
With regards to Truth, I don’t believe in teaching anything too much.
Learning may happen spontaneously, but it is not our intention.
I only point out that thing which is missed time and again due to paying too much attention to the mind play.
Can you teach Truth?
No. I don’t think so. One may only discover or recognize it.
Some teaching is necessary up to a certain stage and for some time, but I stress that pointing out rather than learning is more direct for the advanced stage of seeking as the immutable Truth is already here.
Often it is the mind itself that wants to keep learning and learning and learning. However, this obsession with learning can be a kind of avoidance to discovering what is true, immediate and obvious.
Once Truth is recognized, it remains only to deepen the attention there. Avoid knocking from door to door for the old snake of ego still has a few tricks left up its sleeve and doubt is one of its favorite tricks.
Once recognized, hold onto and be one with awareness.

~ Mooji

Rishikesh, India, 20th of March 2013