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The Spiritual Law of MIRACLES

On Earth we live in a heavy vibration.  This heavy vibration is subject to the Law of Karma. The Divine frequency dissolves and transmutes our lower energy, and a miracle occurs.  This is the Spiritual Law of Miracles.

As the worldwide consciousness rises, more and more people are accessing the Divine and consequently more people are experiencing miracles.
Genuine forgiveness and unconditional love are divine energies which allow miracles to happen.  Miracles are a natural result of the activation of higher energies. When we ask the angels, ascended masters or any being from the spiritual hierarchy of light to help us, we draw in the divine frequency which transcends our physical laws.
Synchronicity and coincidences are forms of miracles.  Spiritual forces are working behind the scenes to co-ordinate the Universe to make sure that pre-destined meetings to take place.  Coincidences and synchronicities are directed by God and orchestrated by your guides and angels so that you have the opportunity of fulfilling your destiny.  As your vibrations lift, you are on your true pathway.
To enact the Law of Miracles, simply ask.

The Spiritual Law of HEALING

Light is energy. Your physical body is built by the energy and vibration of the consciousness of your soul over many lifetimes. You are here to experience life in a human body.  Certain physical choices are made by your soul and higher-self before birth and may appear as physical limitation/s.  Your lower-self makes other choices from moment to moment.

There are two basic emotions on the earthplane.  One is fear and the other is love.  When you resist your chosen experiences through fear, you create blocks in your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  This eventually causes physical disease (dis-ease). Rigid and inflexible beliefs and mental attitudes cause both mental and physical tension.  If you hold the physical body or an organ of the body in tension, over time something physical will manifest.  Denied or suppressed emotions sit within the body until they manifest into a physical illness. When you fail to acknowledge your spiritual self, you hinder the supply of divine energy and eventually your physical body will wither away. All ill-health or disease is caused by stagnant energy.  When you feel happiness and inner joy your cells flow with love and your body responds by being healthy.
Love is a high frequency energy which keeps your body clear and flowing.  All manifestations of fear are of a low vibration and block the flow of positive energy or ‘chi’.
Healing takes place when high-frequency energy flows through the body, transmuting the stagnant energy which caused the disease. You must always ask for permission before you interfere with anyone else’s energy.  There are several reasons for this.
·                 The person’s illness may be serving them in some way, whether they like it or not.  It could be a karmic lesson they may need to experience and learn from.
·                 The illness may be serving a higher purpose for the growth of the person’s soul.
·                 The illness is their karma, and if they have not learned the lesson offered, you would not be serving their growth by healing it.
·                 It may not be the right time for them to heal – and their soul will know this.
·                 They may have a spiritual contract for someone else to facilitate their healing.
·                 It is not up to you to decide what is or is not for the person’s highest good.
If you are unable to ask permission from the person in question, use your intuition and tune into their Higher Self and simply ask.  When you mentally ask for permission you will receive a distinct impression of an affirmative answer if it is appropriate.  If you receive no distinct answer, do not send healing.
In an emergency situation in which someone is injured, do not hesitate to help.  Healing energy will flow through you if it is appropriate.
When people dedicate themselves as ‘healers’, they attune themselves to the Divine, through spiritual practice, personal development and ‘right living’.  This allows them to channel high-frequency energy, which flows through the cells of a person’s physical body.  When a healer is a clear channel, miracles can take place and the soul of the person receiving will use the healing where it needs it most.
The healer channels from the Divine, but the healing energy is activated by the power of prayer and faith.
The healer helps his client to change his attitude.  When the sick person genuinely forgives himself and the person who has caused the ill feelings of resentment, hate, fear or other stagnant emotion, the energy block dissolves and light and love flow again.
Through prayer, spiritual healing or intention, light may be sent
to someone to aid in their healing.
If someone has spare personal energy this may be used to transmute the lower frequencies which block someone else.  Energy can be raised by dance, ritual or chanting.  Because this is not Divine energy, the healing may not last unless it triggers the person’s own self-healing mechanism.
Healers are attuned to high-frequency Universal symbols.  This is rather like a television set being tuned in.  When you are ‘attuning’ you bring in the Reiki energy to heal yourself and others.
Angelic healing is like spiritual healing, but the angels take the person who is giving healing and the person receiving it to God.  The possibilities are limitless.
Homeopathy, acupuncture, crystal healing, sound healing, herbs, nutritional healing, and most natural therapies all work to re-align the sick person’s energy system and clear the blockages with high-frequency energy.  They also stimulate the person’s own healing powers.
The human consciousness is rising so that the higher chakras, or spiritual energy centres, are opening.  More and more people are drawn to give healing at this time.
Healing takes place because light transmutes the lower vibrations of ill-health.

The Spiritual Law of PURIFICATION

Your aura surrounds your physical body as well as your etheric body.  If your essence is pure your aura is a huge light surrounding you and protecting you.  If you have unresolved issues, they show as dirty marks or shadows.  A person who is ill or in shock might have a wispy or even non-existent aura, while someone very negative would be surrounded in a dark or heavy aura.

When your aura is totally clear and pure, no harm can befall you.  No negative person or situation can penetrate your aura.  Fear lets in hurt, damage and/or danger.  Purity confers safety.
The more we evolve, the brighter the spotlight on us, so that our dark spots can be revealed.  When someone serves us by pointing out a negative spot in our aura, we call it ‘pushing our buttons’.  We often consider them to be ‘difficult’ or ‘challenging’ people.
Old resentments, hurts and angers automatically form dark patches in your aura, as do any murky feelings such as jealousy, avarice, envy and greed.  These dark spots will magnetize challenges into your life to draw your attention to what you need to tend to.
Earth, air, water and fire are excellent purifiers.  Walking in bare feet on green grass allows your negative energies to go down through your feet into the earth where Mother Earth will purify them.
Being out in the wind or a breeze will clear your head and bring in clarity.
Swimming, particularly in salt (sea) water washes your aura clean.  Sea salt in a bath will have the same effect.
Fire is the most powerful purification of all.  Burning old photographs, letters and objects transmutes the negativity held in the memories and changes thepsychic energy around you.  You can also bury these old items in the earth as a form of purification.  Walking through a breeze will also clear and purify our auras.
Your aura has a colour (or colours), a smell and a taste.  It can feel thick, smooth, heavy or light.  If it is murky, smelly and/or is heavy with unresolved emotions, you are sending out dark energy. Only people with similar auras and energies will feel comfortable in your presence.

Irritability is a sure sign that your aura needs purifying.  All addictions are behaviours which we repeat in order to suppress natural feelings.  These may be over-eating, compulsive spending, drinking too much alcohol, drug taking … any number of negative behaviours.  Excess alcohol, cigarettes and drugs pollute your aura.  If you swear, say or think unpleasant things about others, hold onto anger, hurt, guilt, feel resentment, anxiety and worry, do too little exercise, live in physical dirt and/or mess, eat unhealthy and over-work, your aura will need purifying.

These locked-in feelings need to be released from your aura if it is to become pure.  You can use light to help you to do this.
If you wish to walk the spiritual path it is imperative to purify your aura so that it is clear, fragrant, light and radiant with beautiful colours. When your aura is pure and light, angels and the more evolved spiritual guides are attracted to you.
The time has come for our planet to be purified so that it can ascend.  The ley lines which were set around the Earth in Atlantean times as an energy communication system, carry a third-dimensional vibration.  They are like an electricity grid which was laid underneath the surface of the earth.  Some lines have been broken, others have been taken over by dark energies, and a few remain pure and intact.  These old ley lines need to be repaired and purified.  This can be done whilst meditating.  This old energy system is now becoming obsolete;  however it is still important for those who are not yet tuned in to the higher frequency.
The new network, which carries fifth-dimensional frequency, is being laid above the earth at the moment.  Because these new lines carry a high-vibrational current, it needs people with high spiritual aspirations and intentions to focus on them to send the energy of peace, light and inspiration along them.
The colour of the fifth-dimension heart chakra, which is the spiritual energy centre of the heart, is pure white.


The Spiritual Law of PERSPECTIVE

Time is not linear. Your mental state changes your perception of time.  If you are unhappy or bored, time slows down.  If you are afraid, time seems to stand still.  When you feel happy, excited and interested, time seems to speed by. The lower our frequency, the slower our perception of time.  People engaged in high-vibration activities find that time passes quickly.

Time can be transcended.  People with certain psychicabilities are able to tune into past lives or into the future.  Different mediums will tune into different times.  In dreams we often move into a different time reality.
Size also depends on perception.  When we are children everything seems much larger than they do when we are adults.  A problem which seems enormous and insurmountable in the middle of the night often seems quite manageable in the light of the morning.  The challenge is the same but your perspective has changed.
The person with psychic vision who sees fairies, elves and other spirit creatures perceives a more expanded version of the Universe than does someone whose third eye is closed.
Someone who is haunted by negative entities will have a very different understanding from the person who is in touch with angels, spirit guides and light beings.
Each person handles their challenges differently according to their level of consciousness.  All depends upon your perspective.  There is no judgement  –  there is only awareness that everyone has a different reality.  If you judge something or someone, it is time to reframe your perspective.
Humanity as a while judges suicide.  They condemn it as ‘wicked’ or ‘weak’.  On the ‘Christ path’ it is perceived as someone longing for more love, or responding to the call to go ‘Home’.  Torture can be perceived as ‘evil’, or as a desire to learn compassion.  Sex can be seen as ‘immoral’, or as a longing to express love. War is ‘terrible’, or an opportunity to find courage and strength. The ‘horrible’ person can be seen as a ‘threat’, or as someone who is teaching you lessons. Someone who is ‘pushing your buttons’ is serving you by bringing unresolved feelings to your attention.  He/she reminds you about your own doubts.
Every person has a human aspect which merely masks their Divine perfection.  We will continue to struggle until we see the Divine flame in all things, people included.


The Spiritual Law of GRATITUDE

Gratitude means giving thanks from your heart.  When you do this, energy flows from your heart and activates certain responses from other people, as well as the Universe.

When you are totally grateful to a person for something they have done, that person feels the energy of thanks and is so over-joyed by it that they want to give you more. When you send out heartfelt thanks to the Universe for the blessings you have received, the Divine energy lovingly responds by giving you even more blessings.
Heartfelt gratitude is a key to abundance … it unlocks the great resources of the Universe.
Judgement and criticism are the opposite (or polar) of gratitude and appreciation.  Genuine gratitude and appreciation heals. When you appreciate something and are grateful for it, you are focusing on it, so by theLaw of Attention, it increases and multiplies.
When we realize that we are sent challenges because they help us to grow, we alter our attitude towards them. Within every challenging situation is the gift of a lesson.  Our task is to learn the lesson and appreciate what it has taught us.
If you want your life to become happier, healthier and more abundant keep a ‘gratitude journal’.  Every day write down a few things you are thankful for.  You will find yourself looking for good things to record in it.  You will automatically become more positive and appreciative.
Attitudes which activate the Law of Gratitude:
·                 be positive and appreciative
·                 count your blessings
·                 be joyful.  When you glow with happiness you are appreciating what you have
·                 remember the good things about a person, and people in general
·                 focus on the good in every situation
·                 give praise generously
·                 use the words ‘thank you’ genuinely
·                 be loving and kind
·                 recognize your own magnificence
·                 celebrate life and be happy
Gratitude brings to you untold blessings from the Universe.


The Spiritual Law of BLESSINGS

When you bless someone you are invoking the Law of Blessings and directing divine energy towards them.  When this is done with genuine intent, a shaft of Divine White Light is transferred into the person you are blessing. Raising your hand in the direction of the person you wish to bless directs the blessing towards them.

Blessing ushers in positive energy. When you say “bless you” to someone when they sneeze you are wishing for divine energy to enter them so that they become healthy.
Bless your work and it will increase and be filled with joy.
Bless people around you and they will be happy and fulfilled.
Bless your plants and they will grow abundantly.
Bless your home and it will be a place of peace.
Bless your body and it will become a beautiful temple for your spirit.
You can request blessings for others as well as yourself.  Bless everyone and fill them with divine energy and you yourself will be open to the blessings of the Universe.


The Spiritual Law of DECREE

When you initial the Law of Decree the might of the Universe is aligned behind it.

Affirmations and prayers are repeated.  Decrees are made only once.
Examples of Decrees:
‘By Divine Decree, in the name of God, under Grace, I invoke the Violet Flame to transmute now every negative thought, belief, patter, condition, attachment or alliance that I have made.  It is done.’
‘In the name of God and all that is light, under Grace, I decree that all vows made in past lives or this one, which do not serve the divine plan on Earth, be rescinded and released.  So be it.’
‘By Divine Decree, in the name of God, under Grace, I now call forth a pure white column of white light to bring unconditional love of the Christ consciousness to Earth.  It is done.’
Decree is akin to making a demand of the Universe.


The Spiritual Law of FAITH

Faith is a quality of such high frequency that it transcends the lower laws and makes the impossible possible.  Faith allows miracles to take place.

The Law of Faith is simple.  If you have total faith in an outcome, it will come about.  To the extent that you doubt, you allow absolute, implicit, total trust in the Divine, you know that whatever is for the greatest good will happen.  Faith takes away fear.
Faith means constantly listening to your inner guidance and intuition.

‘Blind faith’ implies giving away your trust without a foundation for it.  Blind faith is merely hope.
Confidence is faith in self.  If you have a foundation of self-esteem and worth, you will be a relaxed and easy person to be with.  No one can undermine you for you will trust your own ability, and others will intuitively trust you.
Faith is the foundation for success, manifestation, prayer and decrees.  When you have faith in a vision it must succeed.
Faith is the greatest power there is.


The Spiritual Law of GRACE

Grace is a Divine dispensation of mercy.  It dissolves karma, creates miracles and can change matter.

Our soul has accepted the opportunity to incarnate on this planet to learn about and experience emotions and a physical body.  We also have free-will in order to create our own life in a place where every thought, word and deed manifests.
We can invoke the Law of Grace to transmute our debts, change emotional feelings, heal relationships and the physical body  –  however, we must be ready to receive it.  We created all our situations with our consciousness and we must learn the lesson before we ask for grace.
We can offer grace to others through our compassion, mercy, empathy, forgiveness and unconditional love.  Whenever we open our hearts to another we too receive an inflow of Divine love. Compassion, empathy, mercy, unconditional love and forgiveness are divine qualities which confer grace. Every time you open your heart with compassion, the love emanating from you grants someone else grace.  A change of attitude may take place or the release of a deeply held fear or even a physical healing. The more grace we offer, the more in turn we receive.
Forgiveness is another Divine quality which dissolves and transmutes negative blocks.  It results in emotional, attitudinal and physical healing taking place for both the giver and the receiver. Grace allows healing to occur because the high-frequency vibrations of love transmute the lower vibrations of pain and fear.

We create karma with our attitudes.  All ill-feeling and disputes are the karmic consequences of egotistical attitudes. When you are ready to be understanding, compassionate or are ready to forgive, the angels lead you to someone or a situation that can help you release your karma.
Angels work with grace, constantly whispering to us to think, do or say that which will dissolve our negative karma.  They try to help us forgive our sins and dissolve a backlog of karmic debt.
The more you open your heart to welcome strangers, to let go of anger, to care for the sick and senile, the hungry and homeless, the more grace pours into the planet.  Every time you pray for another or help someone with love, the planet becomes more filled with divine light.
The Law of Grace is the divine mercy that sets people free.



The Spiritual Law of Frequency and Vibration, pt 2 of 2

According to the Spiritual Law of Frequency and Vibration, when we live our lives with honesty, grace, charm, generosity, joy (and all other positive qualities), we automatically dissolve the low frequency emissions of others, raising their frequencies.  In doing this, according to the SPIRITUAL LAW OF KARMA, wonderful things will come back to you.

All negative thoughts and feelings of anger, jealousy, violence, guilt, abuse and the like, produce dark, heavy, low frequency vibrations.  The vibrations of love, compassion, joy, forgiveness and the like, transmutes low energy and raises it to a high frequency vibration and energy.

Disease and illness have heavy vibrations which block the flow of the vital life-force.  Healing on all levels takes place when high frequency energy is channelled and directed towards what (or who) needs healing.  High frequency vibrations and energies transmute the heavy vibration of disease and illness and allows the physical body to return (and retain) good health and vitality.  This has positive effects on all levels of the body and soul, mind and spirit.

Our names also have a vibration.  When our name is spoken it calls in our life lessons.  Prior to our physical birth on the earthplane, we chose our particular name and vibration to suit our life purpose and soul lessons.  We then telepathically impart this name to our parents.  From a Numerological viewpoint, our names carry the energies and vibrations of the relevant and co-relating numbers from which it is made up of.

Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number, and the totality of those numbers gives us our ‘vibrational name number’.  We carry this vibration throughout our lives.

In order to draw light and love to our planet and all of its’ inhabitants, we are to invoke columns of pure white light in order to allow angels and Higher Beings to enter.  With our thoughts, beliefs and intentions we are able to create bridges of light to people and places so that assistance and healing may be bestowed upon them.

The Spiritual Law of Frequency and Vibration tells us that low, heavy vibrations can always be transmuted and raised by the light, high vibrations of love, compassion, joy and kindness.