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The Spiritual Law of CLARITY

When you are totally clear about what you want, everyone picks up your message and responds accordingly.

Lack of clarity ties up psychic energy and keeps you in confusion.  Clarity frees you to move forward and opens new doors of opportunity.
There are two ways to activate the Law of Clarity.  If you are feeling ‘lost’ and frustrated and cannot see which way to go  –  wait patiently and the path will clear for you. Then you will be able to make the correct move.
The second is to make a move in any direction.  Use your intuition when making your move.  It is important that you make a decision to move, regardless of how fearful or difficult it may seem.
If you choose not to make a decision, then you have already made a decision.
The word ‘decision’ comes from the Latin word ‘decedere’, which means ‘to cut off’.  A decision cuts off other possibilities.  You must then focus on the route you have chosen.  The quickest way is to make positive, clear decisions, then implement them.  Clarity opens doors to the future.

Speak clearly to the Universe about your wants, needs and wishes.  Clear thoughts and intentions draw from the Universe that which you require in your life.
“The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this:  decide what you want”. –  Ben Stein

The Spiritual Law of ABUNDANCE

Abundance means free-flowing love, happiness, joy, success, prosperity, vitality, generosity, laughter and all the positive things in life.

The flow of Abundance is directed towards you, but your beliefs, thoughts, memories and self-worthiness creates barriers to receiving it.  It is up to us to remove the beliefs which block our flow of abundance.
Love is about enjoying all of your relationships.  We block our due abundance of love when we close our hearts.  Our beliefs and fears about rejection and hurt make us close our hearts.  They cause us to either cling onto unhealthy relationships or emotionally withdraw.  We stop loving when our mind takes over and we see the imperfection of the other.  This forms blocks to the flow of love.
Success is a state of mind, not a particular achievement.  When all of your focus is on reaching a specific goal, nominated as ‘success’, there is a moment of elation at the moment of the achievement – but then you have to set another one and strive again, so success is not about trying to change the flow, which just leads to stress, frustration and loss of self-worth.

Abundant success is about flowing along with life, taking advantage of the currents, and enjoying the journey.

True success is a sense of inner satisfaction and fulfillment.
To really live basked in the flow of abundance one must understand the energetic vibration of ‘give and take’.  The more we allow ourselves to receive, the better we feel inside.  Then, when feeling full and content within, we are genuinely able to nurture others.  When you allow yourself to be nurtured regularly (eg. eating healthful, nourishing meals) you don’t yearn with neediness.  When there is a natural ‘in and out’ flow of love, caring and nurturing in our lives, we feel balanced and abundant in all ways.
However much you may want for the abundance you see, the Universe will not bring it to you until you prove that you are ready to receive and accept it graciously. The Law of Abundance is quite basic.  If you want more friends in your life, be friendly towards others.  Change your fear-based beliefs that block the abundant flow of friendliness and friendship.
If you want more happiness in your life, express and live happiness.  This on its own will make you feel happier and will draw the flow of happiness to you.
If you want more caring and nurturing in your life, remove the barriers that stop you from receiving and you will send out the right energy, and the people around you will automatically nurture you.
Material things flow to you when you have an abundance consciousness.


The Spiritual Law of PROJECTION


All aspects of ourselves are reflected back to us. All that we perceive outside self is a mirror of something within. Therefore, everything that we see outside is a ‘projection’.
We project our energy, both positive and negative, onto other people and assume it is within them, often denying that it is within us.
Every time you say the words ‘you are’ or ‘he is’ or ‘she is/he is’, you are projecting something of yourself onto someone else.
When we assume that someone else feels as we do, it is a projection.  For example, statements such as ‘you must feel awful about that’, or ‘you must be so happy …’ are both projections.  You are putting your feelings on to the other person.
We project our fears on to the world.  It is more comfortable to imagine that someone else has the qualities we wish to deny are within ourselves.
‘When one witch warns you that another witch is evil –
          Beware the witch who warned you.’
          ‘It takes one to know one.’
          ‘A pot calling the kettle black’.
If you burying your hostility and express it as passive anger, you will project hostility on to those around you and will imagine that people are aggressive whether they are or not.  You will selectively imagine angry or threatening attitudes where none are intended or expressed.  Those who project their hatred/anger/rage think everyone is out to get them.
We project our insecurities and our sexuality on to others.  The person who is paranoid about the morality of others is projecting their own underlying immorality.
Someone who suspects that all around him are cheating him is projecting his inner cheat.  As a consequence he may attract cheats into his life.
Someone who accuses their partner of being unfaithful is projecting their own lack of faith in the relationship.
On the positive side, we also project our gracious, powerful, beautiful and brilliant qualities on to others.  Every time you think or say good, positive things about people, you are projecting your own qualities within.
We project our love on to others.  A person who is kind will imagine that all around them are also kind, and will attract this energy into their life.
Projecting yourself on to someone else prevents you from taking responsibility for Self.  Most people do not even realize that what they are saying is actually within them.  It is a powerful form of denial.