Understanding Chakras and the Energy System

Chakras are energy centers located throughout the body.  The chakras manage the flow of subtle energy in and out of the body.  They are cone-shaped and extend from the front and back of the body.  When the chakras are functioning properly, they open and close in a spiral/circular motion emitting and receiving energy.  If there are energies (life circumstance, emotions, etc.) that you do not wish to receive, your chakra(s) will close to filter that energy out.  Similarly, if you do not wish to open to or connect with another person, situation or circumstance, the same will occur.  When you desire to give or receive energy, your chakras open.  For example, when you are feeling love or compassion for another, and are willing to receive love, the heart chakra will open to allow that energy to flow between you and another person.  In a healthy energetic system, the chakras are free to open and close, and act as energy filters as they respond to the world around you.  It is important to note that the function of the chakras occurs on a level of consciousness and may be unrelated to what we are thinking or doing.

The chakras are also consciousness centers and when we have conflict with certain life issues or events, chakras will become too open, too closed, congested, blocked or damaged.  This can influence your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being as well as the way in which you think, act and respond to others and events in your life.  In the physical body, this may lead to disorder or disease in the areas of the body governed by those chakras.  The chakras are interconnected, and affect the flow of energy throughout the body.  Consequently, blockages or damage in one may also affect the flow of energy to the other chakras.

There are chakras located throughout the entire body.  For example, each acupressure point is an energy center.  Most literature refers to seven main chakras.  This overview will focus on those primary chakras as well as the eighth chakra, which is located at the thymus gland.  The eight chakras are commonly referred to as the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown and high heart.  Each of the eight chakras controls different parts of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. 



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