Intro to Candle Magick

Let’s talk about Candle Magick! Read all the way through so you don’t miss anything! I use candles as an energy transference/creator. If you’re looking for a basic gateway into the practice of magick, candle magick is the way to go. It becomes very simple after that first ritual. Kind of like riding a bike. Candles are coordinated by colors. So depending on what ever result you are attempting to achieve, you must align your candle’s color with it’s purpose.

Here are the colors and their purpose:

White-Purification, Clearing, Cleaning, Healing, Peace. Contacting departed souls, also can be substituted for all colors
Black-Binding, Protection, Banishing (Hexes or jinks), Summoning dark spirits,  black is the strongest candle, I suggest using this candle once you have done a few rituals.
Purple-Intuition, Healing of major diseases, Physic Ability, Power, Mastery, Peace, Prophetic Dreams, Controlling/Commanding
Blue-Healing, Communication, Abundance, Harmony
Green-Money, Prosperity, Wealth, Business Success, Good Luck
Pink-Love, Friendships, Attraction
Orange-Concentration, Creativity, Control, Legal Matters
Red-Sex Magick, Power, Courage, Romance, Fertility Spells
Yellow-Happiness, Gold, Court Cases, Mental Clarity, Learning/Academics



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