The Spiritual Law of BALANCE and POLARITY

The Spiritual Law of Balance and Polarity is also known as the Law of Symmetry.

In our lives we experience one aspect of life, then it’s opposite.  The more we choose to explore one extreme, the further from the centre we move.  Then we must go the other way to understand it’s opposite.
To know white we much know black;  to know positive, we must experience negative.
If we experience lifetimes of riches, we will need to experience the opposite, which is poverty.
If we become a tyrant in one lifetime, our soul will want for us to compensation by being a ‘victim’.
We all have unresolved aspects within us and our aim is the integrate the polarities so that we can live in balance.
Our soul’s goal is to experience polarities  –  then gain balance.
Masculine energy is doing, thinking, logical, aggressive, while the feminine counterpart is being, creating, intuitive and passive.  Our soul’s aim is to balance these internally so that we can listen to our intuition, then act on it.
Our aim is to balance all aspects of our lives.

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