Burt Goldman – Absorbing Negative Energy

Hi Friends,
Here is a question that you may want to know the answer to. More on the painting you see here later on. Click on the painting to see it all. Here’s the question:

“Dear Burt, a lady I know is a hypnotherapist, and she told me she can see that I absorb negativity from other people and take on too many of their issues and problems while trying to give out positive energy, but I don’t let the negative energy go afterwards and so the stress will be hindering me in many ways. Is this something that can happen, and is there a technique I can use to release those negative energies?”

First of all it does happen that people are affected by other people’s negativity. There are those who we call ‘energy vampires’ or as I’ve called them in the past, ‘energy shlurpers.’ Usually, but not always, these are the people who can’t wait to tell you who died, or who is having problems with money, health or other issues. You will know who if whenever you leave them you feel drained of energy. This is not to say the people affecting you are your enemies, far from it, it could be a parent, sibling or close friend. There are also those who when they feel down or depressed will call or see a friend and without realizing it, take a shlurp of energy from them. Whenever you feel down and see or speak to a friend or relative and feel better after; chances are you are an energy shlurper yourself. Not to be concerned, everyone is to some degree and at one time or another.

Here’s the way to prevent that from happening. I call this technique, Lancelot’s Armor. If you’ve been following me at all then you know about the Bagha. If not, it’s a simple touching the roof of your mouth with your tongue for a moment. That tells your mind to come to attention you’re about to do something. Intent is what makes this, or any other concept or technique work. Use the Bagha and then imagine that you are totally encased in suit of armor. This armor protects you against all the negative influences that may surround you. You can program this by going to a light level of meditation and once you imagine the armor around you think the following words: Whenever I say the words ‘Armor protect’, I will be protected against negative energies. Then, the next time you are with anyone who you feel is a drainer of energy, put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and mentally say the words ‘Armor protect,’ and imagine yourself covered by armor.

I’ve been teaching this technique for over forty years and have had tens of thousands of positive comments as to the usefulness of this powerful resource.

As to the painting, I call it ‘Chakra Dawn’, as it has all the colors of the chakra’s there. Don’t bother inquiring as to whether it’s for sale, it has been sold.

I no longer do the blogs but as you see here, you will still be hearing from me right here on facebook

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